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The Future Work
We unleash potential

We energize the gig economy to free the unlimited potential of Saudi Arabia citizens. Build the future of work with us!

Image with woman in beauty salon
Image of hands on laptop keyboards
Image of hands on laptop keyboards
Image of hands on laptop keyboards

"We will work tirelessly from today to build a better tomorrow"

HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on vision 2030

At Future Work we aim to realize a thriving economy based on innovative solutions that meets the ambitions and expectations of the youth. This will be achieved through a free labor market filled with creativity and measures to every change in the global and international labor markets. Here we create a hand to the traditional labor market.


monthly growth rate

Increased appetite on freelance work in Saudi is evident through the increased adoption for freelance certificates (est. 11% growth on a monthly basis from Dec 2019 – Aug 2021).

Chart showing number of freelance certificates and unemployement rate.
Chart showing number of freelance certificates and unemployement rate.
  • freelance certificates

  • Unemployment rate

Future Work plays a vital role in decreasing the unemployment gap within Saudi youth and provide prospects within the Gig Economy.

~320M SR

Income generated in Q2, 2021

Future Work played a pivotal role in aiding for workers seeking new ways of work in Saudi, where the combined estimates of income generated via freelancers, teleworkers and flexible workers is approx. 320 million Saudi Riyals in Q2.

Our Vision
Our Goal
Our Mandate
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Our Values


We innovate digital solutions to create a great free labor market, we strive to provide contemporary job opportunities


Provide futuristic job opportunities to enable the talents of our youth and unleash a new labor market that supports the traditional one.

Value creation

Our solutions are based on research to add values to our clients for their businesses to reach their fullest potential.

Focus on future

We hold the future in everything we do, with each step we bring tomorrow into the present to advance in a free labor market.

Future Work current Programs

  • MRN


    Focuses on “on-demand” (i.e. immediate and access-based) provision of services, performed in hourly fashion and paid at an hourly rate for actual work performed.

  • Freelance


    An initiative aimed to organize and stimulate Freelancing sector in the Kingdom to contribute in creating work opportunities for Saudi citizens, enabling to issue Freelance certificate through quick and easy procedures, and taking advantage of provided benefits and services.

  • Telework


    Is the work arrangement that allows an employee to perform work, during any part of regular, paid hours, at an approved alternative worksite (e.g., home, telework center).

Number of MRN contracts more than

Number of Telework contracts more than

Number of Freelance certificates more than

  • Number of MRN contracts more than

  • Number of Telework contracts more than

  • Number of Freelance certificates more than

The basis of what we do in the future work market

  • Create job opportunities through attractive work forms, active initiatives and finding solutions with added values. Through research, insight & a deep understanding of the future job market needs we strive to develop solutions that transfer true value and lasting impact to our clients & partners

  • Applying normative and reference studies to find the best global practices in order to initiate an analytical form to find solutions for a sustainable growth

  • Finding methods and the latest technological solutions to develop the free work economy system

Meet our Leadership

We know we always be in good hands with our leaders

H.E. Eng. Ahmad Alrajhi

H.E. Eng. Ahmad Alrajhi

Chairman of the Board of Directors

chairman Ahmad Alrajhi signature

Minister of Human Resources & Social Development


The future is here. Become part of it.

You create it with your work.

Transportation and delivery

  • Ride Hilling Services

  • Food Delivery


  • Arts

  • Fashion

  • Literature

  • Crafts


  • Tourism services

  • Retail & Hospitality

Activities and Entertainment

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

Small Businesses

  • Productive families

  • Food Trucks

Technology and Commerce

  • E-Commerce

  • Technology


  • Administrative services

  • Marketing and communication

  • Financial services

Real estate

  • Realestate services

  • Construction and architecture

Other Sectors

  • Rural development

  • Health services

  • Legal services

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